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  • Spiral Organic’s tasty Udon noodles are made with sifted whole wheat flour, sea salt and water. Udon Noodles are the thickest of Japanese noodles with a delightful smooth chewy texture.


    About 5-6mm in width these noodles have been a popular food in Japan due to its quick and simple way of preparation.


    Most commonly used in a hot broth.

  • Certified gluten free and wheat free
    Australian Potatoes
    Low in Salt
    GMO free
    Non-hydrogenated, expeller pressed, vegetable oil
    Cholesterol free
    No added MSG
    No artificial colours, flavours or additives
    No preservatives
    No Added Dairy
    No Added onion, sugar, soy, yeast, garlic or egg
    Halal certified
    Kosher certified
    Vegan friendly – Animal free
    Nut Free

    Ingredients: Organic vegetables (parsnip, sweet potato, beetroot, carrot), organic palm olein oil, sea salt.


  • Packed with vitamins & protein, Kiwi Kale helps promote growth and repair damaged tissues and cells.


    It also does wonders for your complexion!
    Ingredients: Kiwi, Kale, Lemon, Apple



    All our juices are cold-pressed with organic fruits & vegetables and contain only ingredients listed. They are immediately refrigerated in 250ml glass bottles.Our juices are best served chilled. Juices should be kept refrigerated and should be consumed immediately after opening. The juices can be consumed for 3-5 days from production date. As long as they are kept refrigerated & away from light sources.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples provide multiple nutrients and compounds that help to promote good health. They contain good quantities of fiber, vitamin C and beta-carotene which help to protect the body from any harmful radical. They taste delicious on their own and usually eaten raw. However, they taste great in pies, tarts as well as juices!


    Regular consumption of apples can help to improve heart health, enhance immunity and reduce risk of cancers and diabetes.


    Barry tips: You can prevent browning of apples by putting the sliced apples into a bowl of cold water with a spoonful of lemon juice.

  • The orange carrot is the most common in today’s modern world. The root vegetable can also be found in purple, white, red and yellow varieties. It has a crunchy texture and a sweet, fresh flavour.


    Uses: Carrots can be used in a myriad of ways. From salads to roasts to juices you can add these orange veggies to almost anything!

  • Kale is an attractive looking member of the cabbage family. With its dark green or red frilly leaves and distinctive cabbage-like taste, it is a popular alternative to cabbage.


    Kale is served cooked. It can be served finely chopped or as a purèe for a side dish or included in soups and sauces or even used in juices. Kale complements a wide variety of food and its flavour profile means that it also works well with stronger dishes such as game or with spicy dishes.

  • Enjoy the clean, refreshing flavour of organic spearmint. Chill the infusion in summer for a thirst quenching ice tea. Other than being soothing on the stomach many now believe that spearmint can help balance a females hormones and in turn improve the quality of skin, however there is little scientific evidence behind this.


    Ingredients: Certified Organic spearmint leaf


    Size: 25 bags

  • Wish to enjoy both the sweet fruits and the yummy vegetables we have to offer? Well, here at SG Organic we don’t frown at having our cake and eating it too! Our fruit & vegetable box offers you the best of both worlds. Giving you evergreen fruits and vegetables like carrots, potatoes, apples and bananas. but at the same time offering a lot of different seasonal goodies giving you variety in your weekly menu!


    Types of fruits and vege available:

    • Apple
    • Orange
    • Kiwi
    • Avocado
    • Mandarin
    • Banana
    • Pears
    • Broccoli
    • Herbs
    • Kale
    • Pumpkin Butternut/Japanese
    • Tomatoes
    • Potatoes
    • Cabbage
    • English Spinach
    • Asian green
    • Sweet Corn


    Each week we make sure that only the BEST produce makes it into your box.

    We may not be able to include ALL items listed due to seasonality, we will try our best to include a variety based on what is available.

  • I am so happy to have discovered SG Organic –

    they've become my go-to supplier for fresh organic produce and I trust them to deliver me only the best. Just seeing their kale in my fridge makes me a happier person ;)" - Way Ling Wiesser, Ambassador Singapore Food Revolution

  • Whoah Singapore!!

    The mother load of all kale!" - Militza Maury, Singapore -  

  • I have not experienced such an organic service –

    in Singapore for a very long time. SG Organic is truly organic, both in their products and services!"  - Emi, Singapore -

  • The product was delicious and really good quality

    It seemed to stay fresher for longer and the mix of items in the box forced me to be creative with cooking ideas." - Kate, Singapore

  • I love your ABC juice!…

    It's very tasty and looks pretty. Even my boyfriend liked it, and he normally hates beet based juices!" - Marta, Singapore

  • I’m super happy with the fruit and veg box!…

    I was actually reminded of my childhood - yes, it must have been THAT long since I ha plums that tasted like they actually ripened on a tree!!!" - Schirin, Singapore  

  • My toddler couldn’t get enough of the ABC & Green Machine juices!

    It's wonderful to get such fresh and natural juices here, that I've been missing since Holland." - Silvia Cormont, Music Teacher

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  • Lebanese cucumbers are smaller, juicy textured, white-fleshed cucumbers with fewer seeds than other cucumbers. Their green skin is tender and can be eaten. Mild in flavour it still has its own distinct aroma and flavour. Low in acids it is one of the most alkaline veggies around.


    Use: A great addition to salads, sandwiches and juices. Also a great addition to dips, especially yoghurt based dips.

    $8.85 $7.08
  • We are very excited to have coconut water in stock- ‘natures own hydrator’.


    Fat free, electrolyte-rich and 100% natural


    Ingredients: 100% pure coconut water.

    330ml resealable cartons

    $4.35 $3.05
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