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  • coriandernew


    Coriander, also known as cilantro or Chinese Parsley, is a relative of parsley and indigenous to southern Europe and the Mediterranean. It was used in ancient Egypt for medicinal and culinary purposes. Today, coriander is mainly used around the world as a condiment, garnish or decoration on culinary dishes.


  • flatparsleynew


    This green nutrient-dense herb is widely used in cooking around the world.


    Great with potatoes, rice, fish and meat it is an all-rounder herb that not only works great with most dishes, but is also rich in Vitamins K, A, C and antioxidants flavanoids!


  • mint_sgo


    This aromatic herb has the highest antioxidant capacities of any food. It is often used as mouth and breath freshener but there are more to this herb than it is known for.


    Mint is frequently used when cooking new potatoes and fresh garden peas. It can also be used in jams, jellies and sauces, and as an accompaniment to most main dishes.


  • Basil


    A culinary herb mainly used in Italian dishes, Basil has an aromatic flavour that is and strong and sweet. The major ingredient in pesto sauce, it is commonly used fresh in cooking recipes.


    It is best to add them to a dish at the last moment as heat quickly destroys the flavour. Keep them fresh by storing in plastic bag in the refrigerator, or freeze them!


    Barry’s tips: It can be added to a multitude of Italian dishes such as pasta and sauces, also be added to soups, chocolates, and of course dips and dressings such as pesto. Add them to ice creams too!


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  • curlyparsleynew


    This green nutrient-dense herb is refreshing and milder in flavour than the flat-leaves variety.


    Widely used as decorative garnish, its appearance brightens up dishes that are presented. Also suitable in soups, stews, salads, rice, fish, it is an all-rounder herb that is also rich in Vitamins K, A, C and antioxidants flavanoids!


  • thymenew


    Thyme is great with poultry and meat, especially when braised or stewed, as its aroma mellows over long cooking time.


    Distinctly aromatic when fresh, Thyme is easy to dry, it’s mild aromatic flavour keeps well when dried.


    The wooden stems are usually not used in cooking.


    Barry’s tip: Steep a few sprigs of thyme in hot water or hot tea to boost one’s immunity! Add a slice of lemon for light citrusy flavour.


  • SG Organic_Herb Dandelion (Prod Desc Image)


    Brew it as a herbal tonic drink or mix the leaves into a raw salad, though lightly bitter (to the like of Rockets), this dandelion plant has many great benefits particularly supporting liver health and aid digestion.


    High in calcium and iron content, including minerals potassium, magnesium, folic acid and Vitamins (C, A, K), Dandelion is also great to add to stir-fry or into soup. Being antioxidant, it helps to remove damaging free radicals in the body.


    $3.25 $3.09
  • rosemarynew


    Rosemary has a distinctive aroma and can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes.


    As with the other culinary herbs such as Basil and Thyme, it contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients which have wide range of micro benefits to the body.


    $2.95 $2.80
  • SG Organic_Herb-Dill


    Of a milder taste than the similar-looking fennel leaves, micro herb Dill is best used fresh or in pickles. As a flavour-enhancer, Dill also provides a good source of vitamins, iron and manganese.


    Use them in sauces, mix in with bakes, braises and grills, into salads, or as garnishes.


    Barry’s tips: Chop up dill leaves and mix them into butter and garlic mix and you have your own garlic butter spread!



    A popular herb used in Mediterranean dishes and regarded as a symbol of happiness by ancient Greeks and Romans.


    Its cancer-fighting and immune-boosting medicinal properties are derived from its rich stores of vitamins – A,C,E and K – and minerals iron and magnesium.


    Oregano is a common ingredient in Italian cuisines and starters such as salads. Adding Oregano to meat reduces toxic compounds formed during the cooking process.


    $2.65 $2.52
  • SG Organic_Herb-Bay Leaves


    A common flavour-enhancer in the culinary world, Bay Leaves exude alluring woodsy bittersweet flavour over prolonged cooking, hence suitable in stews, braises, and slow cook dishes. Dried leaves however do not soften and hence advisable to remove them before serving the dishes. Fresh leaves have a more intense aroma.


    Known to have an antidiabetic effect with appropriate dose, this herb is also a great source in vitamins A and C, folic acid, minerals which support healthy functions of vision, skin, immunity, blood cells, heart, metabolism, and more. It is also antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and improve wound healing.


  • sage_sgo


    As savoury culinary use, herb Sage is also believed to be therapeutic in aiding digestive health. Of the mint family, its gray-green leaves are elongated with a fuzzy and cottony texture.


    Full of vitamins and minerals, Sage is also an antioxidant capable of neutralizing free radicals in the body.


    Earthy flavoured with light hint of citrusy aroma, Sage is sliced, chopped or minced. and added to cooking towards the end, or used as seasoning in poultry or meat preparation. They are also suitable mix into sauces, or steep into hot tea.


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