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  • babyspinachnew


    Baby spinach is a versatile salad green with a bold, peppery flavour. It’s filled with nutritious minerals and vitamins. The tender baby leaves have a bolder taste than larger mature spinach leaves.


    Great in salads as well as almost any cooked dish, baby spinach can be sautéed, eaten raw, simmered, and much more!


  • broccoli


    Broccoli packs a nutritious punch with high levels of vitamin C and dietary fiber. Because of its many other nutrients and cancer-fighting benefits, broccoli is a powerful little vegetable and a great addition to your diet.


    There’s a reason why Barry is our mascot!


    Barry’s tip: You can prepare broccoli in several ways.  Blanch it, steam it, stir-fry it or even have it raw!  Chilled broccoli can make for a great afternoon snack.


  • sg organic asparagus


    Asparagus is a spring vegetable and therefore only available in the Australian spring season.  Only young asparagus shoots are commonly eaten as they became harder and “woody” once they start to grow into maturity.


    Being 93% water, Asparagus is low in calories and sodium.  A good source of folate for healthy cells, it also provides essential vitamins K and B, and micronutrients like magnesium, zinc – all for good health maintenance!


    Barry’s tips: Great as a side dish!  You can stir-fry it, grill it and even use it in stews, soups or eat it raw in a salad!


  • bokchoynew


    Bok choy is the ubiquitous household leafy green, and one of the most popular vegetables in Asia. It is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K, along with essential minerals such as potassium, calcium and manganese.


    Barry’s tips: Stir fry Bok Choy with sweet snow peas, white/brown button mushrooms, and carrots. You will have a great nutritious variety in a simple dish!


  • leek


    Leeks taste smoother and milder than onions, and have higher concentration of vitamins K and A, iron, fiber, manganese. Generally, they provide beneficial support to eye, cognitive and bone health.


    The white bulb and lighter green leaves of leek can be eaten raw or cooked. Remove roots and tough dark green leaves before cooking. Choose leeks that are upright with non-discoloured bulbs.


    Roasting, stir/pan -frying, braising, boiling and steaming are some ways to cook leeks.


  • choy sum2_sgo


    Choy Sum is one of the most popular vegetables among the Chinese and is probably the most popular vegetable in Hong Kong. As a matter of fact, it is now also widely used in the western world.


    Choy Sum is rich in carotene (pro-vitamin A), calcium and dietary fiber. It also provides potassium and folic acid.


    The flowering shoots and younger leaves of Choy Sum are used in salads or stir-fried, lightly boiled or steamed and added to meat.


  • nutritious organic snow peas


    The sugar snap peas, snow peas can be eaten whole with both pod and peas. The walls of the pod on snow peas are thicker than those of the snow peas and perfect for those who enjoy a thick, crunchy flavour.


    The sugar snap peas are often served in salads or even eaten on their own whole as a snack.  They can also be used in cooking, through stir-frying or steaming, though overcooking may make the pod falls apart.


    Barry’s tip: Stir in some salted butter to snap peas for added savory taste as a snack!


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  • SG Organic_Baby Broccoli


    A natural hybrid developed by a Japanese company. The baby broccoli has smaller florets and thinner stalks than the broccoli.


    It is high in vitamins and minerals essential to improving nervous and brain functions and preventing cardiovascular diseases.


    Baby broccoli tastes milder, with a sweeter, earthier taste than the Broccoli. It can be sautéd, steamed, boiled, or stir fried to bring out the most of its sweet crunchy flavour.





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