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  • superfood organic white button mushroom


    White button mushrooms are common, with mild earthy flavour.

    When raw, they have a subtle almost bland flavour but which strengthened when cooked.


    Propped full of vitamins and minerals mushrooms contain a high amount of copper, vitamin C, D and B and many other nutrients!


    Store them in a cool place on a single layer covered in a damp paper towel or keep them in a paper bag.


    Barry’s tip: Great when sautéed, mushrooms can be used in salads, casseroles, meats, gravies, sauces and stews.


  • Sugar corn


    Sweet corn is a deliciously sweet veggie which has a high sugar content but is also filled with nutritious elements and starch.


    Sweet corn does not store too well for a longer period on the cob as it can become quite starchy.

    But you can remove the kernels from the cob, blanch them and freeze them for easy access and use in any dish!


    Barry’s tips: There are several ways to eat this sweet veggie.  Eat it fresh, blanch it or grill it.  Use it in soups, salads or casseroles; it works well with any sauces as well.  The easiest way to enjoy sweet corn is to grill the cob and eat it with salt and butter.


  • sweet fluffy organic japanese pumpkin


    Japanese pumpkin, also known as kabocha, is an Asian variety of winter squash. Its bright orange flesh has a strong yet sweet flavour and moist, chestnut-like fluffy texture. Propped full of beta-carotene, iron and vitamins.


    Japanese pumpkin can be fried, roasted, stewed, pureed into soups or even put in desserts like pies!


  • Bright organic red cabbage


    The distinctive dark purple colour of red cabbage adds a beautiful splash of colour to a variety of savoury dishes. Contain higher doses of vitamins C and K compared to its green variety cousin – – all good for immunity and bone health.


    Choose red cabbage that has crisp-looking leaves without any holes or discoloured patches. It should be firm and heavy for its size.


    Barry’s tips: Long, slow cooking methods bring out the mellow flavour of red cabbage.  They are great in stir-fries, stews and salads. Or mix with Green Cabbage to have a good balance of vitamins and nutrients.


  • all-purpose organic potatoes sebago


    Sebago potatoes are considered an all rounder potato type and are one of the most widely used varieties potatoes.  High in nutrients and almost fat free they have a floury texture, which fries and roasts well but might fall apart when boiled.


    Store in a dry, dark place.  A cool temperature is best, but avoid storing them in the fridge.


    Barry’s tips: These all-purpose potatoes can be used in any way you wish.  Baked, fried, mashed, grilled, boiled and added to any stew or casserole.


  • juicy organic fuji apple


    These sweet, juicy and crunchy apples are duller in colour than other red apples.

    Regular consumption of apples can help to improve heart health, enhance immunity and reduce risk of cancers and diabetes.


    Great eaten on it’s own it is not as widely used for baked desserts as the less sweet cooking apples. However it is still a great addition to any fruit salad or a sweet addition to a purèe or a salad!


  • healthy organic kumera gold


    Kumera Gold has a sweeter taste than the other versions in its family.  It has a soft, smooth texture to compliment its delicate sweet taste.


    As versatile as the others in its family, it can be enjoyed in many ways. Make wedges, chips, mash or roast it.


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  • english spinach_sgo


    A great source of Vitamin C, fiber, beta-carotene and many other important nutrients, English spinach is a nutritional powerhouse just like all other leafy greens.


    English spinach, unlike the baby spinach variety, comes with stems, which are also edible.  You can eat both stems and leaves of this green vegetable in a variety of ways.  Choose between stir-frying, shredding, mixing it into sauces or steaming it.  No matter what you do it adds a delectable flavour and loads of yummy, healthy goodness to your food.


    Barry’s tips: Some soil might still remain between the leaves and stems.  Wash them gently in cold water before using, and dry using a salad spinner.


  • sg organic asparagus


    Asparagus is a spring vegetable and therefore only available in the Australian spring season.  Only young asparagus shoots are commonly eaten as they became harder and “woody” once they start to grow into maturity.


    Being 93% water, Asparagus is low in calories and sodium.  A good source of folate for healthy cells, it also provides essential vitamins K and B, and micronutrients like magnesium, zinc – all for good health maintenance!


    Barry’s tips: Great as a side dish!  You can stir-fry it, grill it and even use it in stews, soups or eat it raw in a salad!


  • SG Organic Cherry Tomatoes


    Cherry tomatoes are small (from thumb-sized to size of a golf ball) round tomatoes with a sweeter flavour than those regular sized ones. Usually red, they can also come in yellow and green varieties depending on the crop and the farmer.


    They have an intense, deliciously fresh flavour packed within their small size.  Despite its size, cherry tomatoes are cholesterol-free and contain good minerals and vitamins vital for good health.


    Our cherry tomatoes come in 250g punnet and are an easy addition to a quick salad. But you can also use them in pasta sauces or even roast them as you would with other tomatoes.


  • Cauliflower


    A member of the brassica family, along with broccoli and cabbage, cauliflower, with its classic creamy white florets and delicate flavour is an attractive and popular choice.


    Rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, protein and other nutrients, cauliflower is a vegetable that can be often seen used in variety of meals.


    Cauliflower has a white variety called Romanesco cauliflowers. These are conical-shaped and pale green in colour.


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