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  • SG Organic Strawberries


    As one of the most popular berry fruits in the world strawberries are actually a member of the rose family. These brightly red coloured fruits have a juicy texture and a lovely sweet aroma and flavour.


    Uses: Strawberries can of course be eaten straight out of the punnet, but if you can find the willpower to keep a few they can be frozen, dried, made into preserves, or used in juices or smoothies.


    Our organic strawberries come in 250g punnets. Strawberries are fragile fruits and will need to be kept refrigerated and eaten or prepared quickly for ultimate freshness to the berries.

  • refreshing organic passion fruit


    Passion fruit is pleasantly sweet and tart and wrinkles slightly when ripe. Add it to desserts or eat it alone. Either way it’s a treat!

  • small apple


    Baby apples are miniature versions of regular sized apples you are familiar with, about the size of an apricot.


    Regular consumption of apples can help to improve heart health, enhance immunity and reduce risk of cancers and diabetes.


    Sweet and crispy, these baby apples can be eaten as snacks and easily packed for outdoor picnics.

  • Mandarin Ellendale_WM


    Mandarins are native ctirus to Southeast Asia and China. They were introduced to Europe and Australia in the 17th century.


    Mandarins are rich in vitamins A and C. They also contain bountiful dietary fibre, nutrients and minerals such as potassium and manganese.


    Mandarins are juicy and sweet. They can be eaten fresh or used in snacks, desserts, and salads.

  • SG Organic Pineapple


    Our pineapples are sweet and slightly tangy and can be eaten alone, in fruit salads or juices. They can also be added to hot foods such as pizza. This versatile fruit is bursting with vitamin C and tastes great both hot and cold!

  • Tart tangy organic grapefruit


    Ruby grapefruits are bursting with antioxidant-rich vitamins such as C and A and a great source of dietary fibre. The tart and tangy red fleshed grapefruit has an underlying sweetness that makes it a great addition to your breakfast table or your juices. Juicy and thin-skinned it is easy to enjoy with little preparation needed.


    Juice it, eat it raw with a little bit of sugar or dice it and add it to your salads!


    SG Organic Blueberries


    Blueberries were originally cultivated by native Americans before being grown commercially in Southern Hemisphere countries such as Australia and New Zealand.


    Blueberries are bursting with antioxidants and thought to have the highest amount of antioxidants among common fruits. They further assist in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure as well as fighting diabetes and preventing heart diseases.


    Organic blueberries are so good you can eat them on its own, mix them in with cereal or yoghurt or even make jam as a bread spread.




    SG Organic Red Delicious Apple

    Red Delicious apples have a medium sweetness and crunchy white, juicy flesh. This dark red apple has a sweet aroma and is a very famous apple variant.


    Uses: Great in salads, juicing, eaten alone or use in many dessert dishes. However it is not as good baked as certain other varieties.


    SG Organic Honeydew Melon


    Want a refreshing treat on a summer day? Honeydew is what you are looking for!


    It is low in calorie and a healthy choice when you are craving for something sweet to eat.


    Purplish-red stonefruit


    Delivered in a 100g punnet our sweet cherries are more than just a delicious treat. Low in calories, high in fiber and packed full of nutrients it’s a joy to have these tasty cherries in your fridge.


    Uses: Eat them alone or pit them and put them in your yoghurt or muesli. Or why not make some tasty jam from them!

  • Sugar-Plum


    Looking for a sweet fruit to use with any deserts, in jams or just for a sweet treat in and off itself? Our sugar plums are sweeter than the normal plums! These stone fruits can also be a great addition to a breakfast. Add it to your yoghurt or your cereal!

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  • SG Organic Apricot


    The apricot was thought to be cultivated in ancient China and Persia. The orange-coloured fruit has a furry texture and golden, juicy flesh that simply burst with tangy flavour.


    Apricots are a good source of Vitamin A vital to good vision, and rich in fibre which helps with food digestion.


    These little gems can add sweetness to your salads to balance out the mild bitter greens. Add them into your cakes, yogurts, and cereals for that perfect fruity flavour.

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