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Natural Sweeteners

Natural Sweeteners

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  • honey_sgo


    Raw organic honey is the closest you’ll get to eating honey straight from the hive.


    Organic honey is produced in unpolluted rural areas, away from orchards, flowering agricultural crops and other potential contaminants. No chemicals or drugs are used on the bees or to assist in production.


    To keep the honey as natural as possible, no heat has been applied at any stage of production. Honey varies in consistency, taste and colour depending on what flowers the bees foraged from. This honey crystallises readily.


  • SG Organic_Honey - Manuka, Absolute Organic


    Of Manuka flora taste and aroma, this honey in sachet packaging is a handy takeaway which can serve a single healthy drink or top onto waffles, pancakes or as bread spread.


    MGO+ 250 means presence of the antibacterial component in manuka honey – “methylglyoxal (MG)” is at least 250mg/kg; where a higher concentration implies stronger antibiotic effect.


    Barry’s Tips: There may be some crystals in the sachet so make sure you cut open the side of the sachet and scoop them out to prevent wastage.


  • SG Organic_Sugar - Coconut, Absolute Organic


    Absolute Organic Coconut Sugar is a fresh natural nectar from blossoms of coconut palm with a tasty rich complex flavour and a hint of caramel.


    Researches have shown Coconut Sugar might offer less than half the glycemic index of white sugar and it also contains some essential minerals such as potassium.


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