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  • juicing carrots_sgo


    Need some carrots for your juicing?


    Our juicing carrots are just as tasty and fresh as our premium carrots. These very affordable carrots are broken down for easy storage and juicing; ensuring a fuss-free and enjoyable juicing experience.


  • Lemon


    This sour citrus has many culinary uses. And can be used in a myriad of ways – add them to juices, vinegars, sauces and more!


    The sky is the limit with our lovely yellow lemons.


  • navel_orange-ea_sgo


    One orange supplies a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which plays an important role in cancer prevention, healthy blood circulation and wound healing.  They are also a good source of the crucial B-vitamin folate, which is essential in preventing birth defects and fighting heart disease.


    Besides, this yummy fruit provides more than seven percent of the Daily Value for potassium, which is needed for proper fluid balance.


  • Avocado Hass


    Avocados originated from south central Mexico and were known as aoacatl by the Aztecs.


    Avocados are more than just a healthy treat. They contain almost 20 vitamins and minerals per serving.  Its great sources of both vitamin B and potassium are good for the heart.


    This yummy treat is also low in sugar, have a lot of fiber and contains healthy fats that are necessary for your body to perform well.


    Avocados are commonly used to make smoothies, guacamole, salads and even brownies!


  • Navel-oranges1


    Bursting with C vitamins, this sunny fruit is part of the citrus family.


    Great on its own or as juice!


  • celery-750g_sgo

    Celery is a crunchy, fresh green veggie that is very alkaline, high in water content (more than 90%), mineral-rich, and full of healthy fiber.

    Our organic celery is packed as a cylindrical bunch of thick crisp fluted stalks that are succulent, with tender hearts.

    Celery can be used in many different ways, including salads, soups, detox juices, smoothies and much more!

  • healthy organic carrots


    The orange carrot is the most common in today’s modern world. The root vegetable can also be found in purple, white, red and yellow varieties.  It has a crunchy texture and a sweet, fresh flavour.


    Barry’s tips: Carrots can be used in a myriad of ways.  From salads to roasts to juices you can add these orange veggies to almost anything!


  • delicious red organic apple gala


    Gala apples were developed in New Zealand in 1934 by apple breeder J.H. Kidd.  The Gala is a cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red and has grown in popularity to become one of the most extensively grown apples in the world.


    They contain good quantities of fiber, vitamin C and beta-carotene which help to protect the body from any harmful radicals.  Regular consumption of apples can help to improve heart health, enhance immunity and reduce risk of cancers and diabetes.


    They taste delicious on their own and usually eaten raw. However, they taste great in pies, tarts as well as juices!


    Barry’s tip: You can prevent browning of apples by putting the sliced apples into a bowl of cold water with a spoonful of lemon juice.


  • baby-spinach_sgo


    Baby spinach is a versatile green filled with nutritious minerals and vitamins!

    The tender baby leaves have a bolder taste than larger mature spinach leaves.


    Great in salads as well as almost any cooked dish, baby spinach can be sautéed, eaten raw, simmered, and much more!


    It’s zesty and bold flavour works well with the peppery leafy tones.


  • Pear Packham


    Originally bred in Australia, packham pears have juicy white flesh. They have rich flavour too so they are great eaten solo or baked.


    Packham pears can be determined if they have ripen or not by their colours; from green to light yellow. So the next time you buy organic packham pears, make sure it is light yellow for instant gratification.


  • Brocc


    Broccoli packs a nutritious punch with high levels of vitamin C and dietary fiber.  Because of its many other nutrients and cancer-fighting benefits, broccoli is a powerful little green to add to your meal.


    There’s a reason Barry is our mascot!


    Barry’s tip: You can prepare broccoli in several ways.  Blanch it, steam it, stir-fry it or even have it raw!  Chilled broccoli can make for a great afternoon snack.


  • sweet tart flavor organic granny smith


    Originating in Australia in 1868, when Maria Ann (Granny) Smith found a seedling growing by a creek on her property which would eventually go on to bear the signature light-green-colored apple.


    Granny Smith are very rich in Vitamin C and flavonoids. They act as an antioxidants in the body system and helps to neutralize free radicals. This fruit helps to stabilize blood sugar levels which is important if you are at the risk of developing diabetes. They are naturally low in calories. Therefore you can enjoy snacking this yummy fruit in the afternoon or enjoy one right before a meal.


    These slightly tart green apples are great for pies and juices. They are the perfect addition to any green juices!


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