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Payment Options

payment options

For your convenience, we have a range of payment methods that you can use: Please see payment details below. You can choose any of the payment methods listed here and kindly take note of the payment details and steps. International customers should note that all prices quoted in our web store are in Singapore Dollars. Please make payment in Singapore Dollars only. Concealed cash payments sent via mail are NOT accepted, as the cash may be lost.


  1. Visa, MasterCard and Amex (via Paypal): Please select the Paypal/Credit Card option if you are paying by credit card. The Credit Card payment page is on the same page as Paypal. You do not need to have a paypal account to use this method. You can also proceed and pay with a paypal account if you wish to do so, but this is not mandatory. If you are located outside Singapore, Paypal will convert your payment at Paypal’s prevailing rates, at the point of payment.


  1. Internet Bank Transfer: To offer you greater convenience, we are now allowing for payment through internet bank transfers. Indicate your name in the initials or comments field for easy tracking. After completing the transfer, you need to email us a screen shot of the transaction reference number, amount and date. Upon successful verification of your transfer, we will then process your order. Bank details for internet funds transfer is as below:

OCBC Bank Account Name:   SG Organic Wellness Group Pte Ltd

Bank Code:   7339

Branch Code:   687

Account Number:   687697342001


  1. ATM Transfer: Kindly transfer to OCBC Bank Account No.: 687697342001. After making the transfer, you need to email us a copy of the ATM receipt stating the transaction reference, date, time and amount.  Please retain this receipt until your payment has been verified by us.


  1. SGQR Code: An image of the SGQR code is appended below. You may make payment by scanning the image, entering the correct amount and indicating your order number. If you are unable to scan the image, you can key in this SGQR ID (1910212E9163) as an alternative. Once your have transferred the funds, you can either email ( or WhatsApp (98329814) to notify us of the transfer. 


Payment Policy:

We seek your cooperation for prompt processing of your orders. Please note that we will not be able to deliver your order to you before we have received payment for any of the modes of payment you use. If payment is not present in our account by the day of delivery we will contact you to set a new delivery date.

If you have paid by internet bank transfer, ATM transfer or SGQR payment mode, please notify us of the payment details as soon as you can. For PayPal payment, our e-shopping cart is integrated with it and we get an alert from PayPal.

If you are starting a new standing order or renewing a current one we will only send the first box before payment, the second box and any following boxes will not be sent until payment is received. If you are paying on a weekly basis, the payment will have to be received weekly before the box is sent out.

SG Organic reserves the right to not deliver subsequent orders where there has been issues of late or lacking payment on former boxes or if payment on a standing order is not fulfilled before the second delivery.

SGQR - SG Organic

SGQR - SG Organic
All of our fruits & vegetables are airflown over weekly from Australia. ×
We can deliver your fruits & veggies directly to your door at different available time slots!

Choose between:

  • Monday 7-10pm
  • Tuesday 10am-1pm
  • Thursday 7-10pm
  • Friday 10am-1pm
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    By joining our standing order system and choosing a weekly box order you will not only get your box every week with less fuss, but we also offer up to 15% discount on your order! ×
    There's more to us than just fruits & veggies! We also offer pantry items, spices, teas, fresh cold-pressed juices, dairy products and more! If there is something you want we can get it in! ×