Mother’s Day 2016 Contest Entries

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Thanks for all your support. We’ve received such over whelming response for our Mother’s Day contest. We’re posting the shortlisted entries on fb ( for your voting.

Pls ‘like’ to vote by this Friday (6 May, 5pm). Attractive prizes to be won! Pls share and get your friends to vote too !


  1. Letter to mum from Ms Emelynn Siah:

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“For the past 3 years, she had to go through a huge amount of stress with both her parents (my grandparents) as both of them suddenly got critically ill and sadly left us. In this process, I saw my mum waking up earlier to cook for my grandparents, my brother and myself. She is a working mother who works from 8.30 am till late daily. Hence waking up at 5 am every morning to cook 3 meals separately for us was one aspect I admired and respected her for. She didn’t have to do it, she could have just called for food delivery or bought takeout but she did it because she loved us and did not want us to eat unhealthy food.

Two years ago, she had a major operation that lasted 10 hours. Everyone was afraid we might lose our mother, thankfully she was a huge organic fan and had consumed all the natural foods way before the operation. To our relief, the tumour was not cancerous due to her healthy eating. But to go through a 10-hour operation, was scary for both herself and our family and friends. I’m really happy that she is healthy as ever now.

My mother is someone who has selfless love. She always thinks positively, and is there whenever I feel down or in need of guidance. She is someone who has been through a lot and I feel she should deserve a present for all the effort she has given to everyone in keeping them safe.”


2. Letter to Mum from Ms Jo-Ann Tan:

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“Three years flew by without hearing your voice, without you by my side, without you to assure me that everything will be fine when I faced challenges.

Your departure taught me to let go… something I will never want to do L

Mum, you taught me patience, you taught me values, you taught me to face all challenges as they come positively. Mum, I am doing exactly what you taught me and I am doing fine. J

I thank God for sending such a wonderful mother to me and I cherish and thank you for the gift of time and joy we shared. With the huge respect and love I had for you mum, I just want to say “I Love You Dearly Mummy!”