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    Red kale is thick, juicy and chewy. Beautiful in colour, this healthy leafy vegetable is great for many dishes!


    Packed full of calcium, vitamins, iron and many other great nutrients, the red kale has a woodier stem similar to that of the stem of green kale. However, red kale’s leaves are more aromatic and have a slightly sweeter, more buttery flavour than green variant.


    Uses: You can use red kale in the same ways you use green kale, though it will need slightly less time cooking than its green variant. Sautèe, stir-fry, juice or use the younger leaves raw in salads too!


  • Kale Dino


    Also known as  Cavolo Nero, Dino kale is darker than its Scottish variety. The dark green leaves of this variety is easier to digest and they burst with nutrition and have an earthy, nutty flavour.


    Dino kale is well suited to braising, blanching or sauteing.  It can also be used raw in juices.


  • Rhubarb stalks have a strong, tart taste with crisp texture similar to Celery. Though mostly used in desserts it is technically know as a vegetable. Only the stalks can be eaten as the leaves are not edible and toxic.


    Despite it being too tart to be eaten raw, in the western world in earlier years, it was seen as a cheap treat when dipped in sugar.


    Barry’s tips: Cut the stalk into small pieces and stew them to cook it before making pies and pastries, or it can be used to make jam or pickled. Due to their tart flavour sugar is needed in the cooking.


  • superfood_sgo


    The superfood salad mix contains small young salad greens. The mix may vary by availability of greens such as endive, rocket, chervil, kale green and dino.  It is an easy choice when making a quick salad that adds colour and variety in your greens and at the same time packs a great nutritional punch!


  • Peach


    Looking for a sweet fruit to use with any desserts, in jams or just for a sweet treat in and off itself? Our sweet and juicy peaches are just the right choice!  These stone fruits can also be a great addition to a breakfast. Add it to your yoghurt or cereal!


    Barry’s tip: These yummy fruits are also great dried!


  • sweet organic papaya


    Red (Papaya) or Yellow (Papaw) -flesh, both varieties differ in sweetness by a notch. Papaw (or sometimes “Paw Paw”) has a more buttery-like smoothness and mouthful consistency than the red-flesh variety.


    The top health benefits one can get from eating papaya include lowering of cholesterol, helping in weight loss, boosting immunity, preventing signs of ageing, helping reduce stress.


    Papain enzyme present in papaya gives it that distinct smell and taste, and also aid digestion by breaking down proteins in the stomach to smaller-fragments. This fruit is great for those with sensitive stomach.


    Barry’s Tips: Drizzle some lime juice over papaya for an added zest to the enjoyment!


    (Each) Sold as a whole or half-cut piece, depending on size.


  • juicy sweet tasting organic plums


    Looking for a sweet fruit to use with any deserts, in jams or just for a sweet treat in and off itself?  Our sweet plums are just the right thing!


    These stone fruits can also be a great addition to a breakfast. Add it to your yoghurt or cereal!


  • mango_sgo


    Our juicy mango fruits are sweet and slightly creamy when ripe.


    Whilst ripen mangos can be used in fruit bars, smoothies, ice cream, yoghurt, fruit salads and so much more, the unripe sour ones are great for chutneys and pickles.


    The sky is the limit with this tropical fruit!


  • cherry_sgo


    Delivered in a 100g punnet our sweet cherries are more than just a delicious treat. Low in calories, high in fiber and packed full of nutrients it’s a joy to have these tasty cherries in your fridge.


    Barry’s tips: Eat them alone or pit them and put them in your yoghurt or muesli. Or why not make some tasty jam from them!


  • bb-pot


    Baby potatoes are small thin-skinned tubers, with waxy crisp flesh. Higher in moisture, sweeter and less starchy as they were harvested before maturity, they hold their shapes better and are suitable for boiling, roasting, baking, in soups, stews or mix into salads.


    With virtually no fat, creamy-firm baby potatoes are a good source of vitamin C, potassium and fiber!


    Storing them in a dry, dark and cool place is best but avoid storing them in the fridge.


  • baby-spinach_sgo


    Baby spinach is a versatile green filled with nutritious minerals and vitamins!

    The tender baby leaves have a bolder taste than larger mature spinach leaves.


    Great in salads as well as almost any cooked dish, baby spinach can be sautéed, eaten raw, simmered, and much more!


    It’s zesty and bold flavour works well with the peppery leafy tones.


  • Oil - Olive, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed (500ml)_[Absolute Organic]


    Did you know Absolute Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a 100% pure product and may naturally solidify if kept below 12c.


    Olive Oil is a full-flavoured oil recommended for low to medium heat cooking. It has a maximum heat point of 170c.



Great Deals
  • fig


    A biblical fruit native to Middle East and the Mediterranean. This sweet and nutrient-filled food is chewy with crunchy seeds.


    Figs are high in dietary fiber necessary to good digestion while their high calcium content lends itself well to strengthening the bones.


    Figs go well with cheese and dried figs are commonly added to desserts and salads.


    $8.15 $7.35
  • IMG_20200704_110202


    Seedless with pinkish-red flesh, this Aussie watermelon is soothing and refreshingly hydrating with every bite.  A good source of vitamin C, beta carotene and lycopene, with moderate amount of potassium.

    A great fruit for both eating raw in fruit salad, and even in juices.

    Keep chilled for best flavour!



    $12.25 $8.57
  • blueberry-sgorganic


    Blueberries were originally cultivated by native Americans before being grown commercially in Southern Hemisphere countries such as Australia and New Zealand.


    Blueberries burst with antioxidants and are thought to have the highest amount of antioxidants among common fruits. They further assist in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure as well as fighting diabetes and preventing heart diseases.


    Organic blueberries are so good that you can eat them on its own, mix them with cereal or yoghurt, or even make them into jam as a bread spread.


    $13.35 $9.85
  • citrus rainbow_sgo copy


    Rainbow Citrus pack consists of:

    1 Orange

    1 Lemon

    2 Limes


    All organic and all refreshing, these citrus fruits can be juiced, eaten on their own or added to desserts. They boost your vitamin C intake and keep you healthy.


    $5.95 $5.65
  • Brand: Cobs

    SG Organic_Popcorn Sea Salt


    People often say the best things in life are usually the  simplest ones. That’s what we think about our Cobs Sea Salt popcorn. It combines wholesome popcorn, high oleic sunflower oil and sea salt. What it delivers is a real popcorn experience. It’s that simple!


    Only real ingredients are used – absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or additives of any kind.


    $2.80 $1.90
  • Brand: Cobs

    Popcorn (Natural)_[Cobs]_Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet 30g


    Cobs famous lightly salted, slightly sweet popcorn is now available in the new Natural range.


    $2.90 $2.00
  • Rainbow capsicum


    Capsicum (commonly known as bell peppers) comes in several different shapes and colours, and is often used in cooking all around the world as well as in spices.  It is related to its spicier variety the Chilli Pepper, but is milder and larger.


    Red, yellow and orange capsicums are sweeter than their green counterpart which have a more bitter flavour.


    Bell peppers can be used in a variety of ways! Juice it, stir-fry it, sauté it, toss it in a salad… Only your imagination stops you when it comes to this versatile veggie!


    $16.55 $13.25
  • herb bay leaves


    A common flavour-enhancer in the culinary world, Bay Leaves exude alluring woodsy bittersweet flavour over prolonged cooking, hence suitable in stews, braises, and slow cook dishes. Dried leaves however do not soften and hence advisable to remove them before serving the dishes. Fresh leaves have a more intense aroma.


    Known to have an antidiabetic effect with appropriate dose, this herb is also a great source in vitamins A and C, folic acid, minerals which support healthy functions of vision, skin, immunity, blood cells, heart, metabolism, and more. It is also antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and improve wound healing.


    $2.95 $2.80
  • lebanese


    Lebanese cucumbers are small, with juicy white-flesh. Their thin green skin are usually not peeled.


    It has its own distinct refreshing aroma and flavour, and not sweet which is a favourite in salads and juices.  Low in acids it is one of the most alkaline veggies.


    Also a great addition to dips, especially yoghurt-based ones. Best serve after chilled.


    Barry’s Tips: Store them away from ethylene-producing fruits and veggies.


    $8.85 $6.20
  • King Cabbage


    Green cabbage is considered to be the king of all cabbages and the most popular one. It is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, dietary fiber and other good nutrients – – all good for vision, skin, bones, blood, immune system, heart and muscles!


    Choose green cabbage that has crisp, bright looking leaves without any holes or discoloured patches. It should be firm and heavy for its size.


    Barry’s tips: Use it in stews, wraps, salads, soups, casseroles and more! Or mix with Red Cabbage to have a good balance of vitamins and nutrients.


    $5.45 $4.55
  • Tart tangy organic grapefruit


    Ruby grapefruits are bursting with antioxidant-rich vitamins such as C and A and a great source of dietary fiber.  The tart and tangy red-fleshed grapefruit has an underlying sweetness that makes it a great addition to your breakfast table or your juices.  Juicy and thin-skinned, it is easy to enjoy with little preparation needed.


    Juice it, eat it raw with a little bit of sugar or dice it and add it to your salads!


    $7.85 $6.25
  • zingy organic lemon


    This sour citrus has many culinary uses. And can be used in a myriad of ways – add them to juices, vinegars, sauces and more!


    The sky is the limit with our lovely yellow lemons.


    $2.25 $1.85
  • Love your concept, love your food!

    Love your concept, love your food, and love that you are making healthy organic food so accessible in Singapore. Thank you for the gift with my last order - the dates. Best dates I have ever tasted! Ordered more today :-) -- Heather Anderson, Singapore

  • I am so happy to have discovered SG Organic –

    they've become my go-to supplier for fresh organic produce and I trust them to deliver me only the best. Just seeing their kale in my fridge makes me a happier person ;)" - Way Ling Wiesser, Ambassador Singapore Food Revolution

  • Whoah Singapore!!

    The mother load of all kale!" - Militza Maury, Singapore -  

  • I have not experienced such an organic service –

    in Singapore for a very long time. SG Organic is truly organic, both in their products and services!"  - Emi, Singapore -

  • The product was delicious and really good quality

    It seemed to stay fresher for longer and the mix of items in the box forced me to be creative with cooking ideas." - Kate, Singapore

  • I love your ABC juice!…

    It's very tasty and looks pretty. Even my boyfriend liked it, and he normally hates beet based juices!" - Marta, Singapore

  • I’m super happy with the fruit and veg box!…

    I was actually reminded of my childhood - yes, it must have been THAT long since I ha plums that tasted like they actually ripened on a tree!!!" - Schirin, Singapore  

  • My toddler couldn’t get enough of the ABC & Green Machine juices!

    It's wonderful to get such fresh and natural juices here, that I've been missing since Holland." - Silvia Cormont, Music Teacher

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