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  • SG Organic Mangosteen

    SG Organic Mangosteen

  • citrus organic mandarins


    Mandarins are native ctirus to Southeast Asia and China. They were introduced to Europe and Australia in the 17th century.


    Mandarins are rich in vitamins A and C. They also contain bountiful dietary fibre, nutrients and minerals such as potassium and manganese.


    Mandarins are juicy and sweet. They can be eaten fresh or used in snacks, desserts, and salads.




    Delivered in a 100g punnet our sweet cherries are more than just a delicious treat. Low in calories, high in fiber and packed full of nutrients it’s a joy to have these tasty cherries in your fridge.


    Uses: Eat them alone or pit them and put them in your yoghurt or muesli. Or why not make some tasty jam from them!

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  • sweet exotic organic dragonfruit


    Our red fleshed dragon fruit is sweeter and stronger in aroma with a mild sweetness. Add it to cold desserts or dice it up into a fruit salad.

  • sugar-plum


    Looking for a sweet fruit to use with any deserts, in jams or just for a sweet treat in and off itself? Our sugar plums are sweeter than the normal plums! These stone fruits can also be a great addition to a breakfast. Add it to your yoghurt or your cereal!

    $8.65 $7.75
  • Golden Delicious apples have a yellowish skin and are very sweet.

    They are excellent in: salads, smoothies, juices and apple sauce.

  • fig


    A biblical fruit native to Middle East and the Mediterranean. This sweet and nutrient-filled food is chewy with crunchy seeds.


    Figs are high in dietary fibre necessary to good digestion while their high calcium content lends itself well to strengthening the bones.


    Figs go well with cheese and dried figs are commonly added to desserts and salads.

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  • citrus rainbow_sgo copy


    Rainbow Citrus pack consists of:

    1 Orange

    1 Lemon

    2 Limes


    All organic and all refreshing, these citrus fruits can be juiced, eaten on their own or added to desserts. They boost your vitamin C intake and keep you healthy.

  • raspberries



    Raspberries have been found on major continents such as North America and Europe for thousands of years. They are over 200 different specie of raspberries and come in mainly red, black, and purple colors.


    Raspberries are bursting with antioxidants. They further assist in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure as well as fighting diabetes and preventing heart diseases.


    Organic raspberries are so good you can eat them on its own, mix them in with cereal or yoghurt or even make jam as a bread spread.



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